The exams are just around the corner!

With exams just around the corner, it is good to remind students of the importance of concentrating to get the most out of study hours. It should be remembered that concentration is key not only to study, but also to achieve success in many phases of our lives. Below we offer you a series of tips that will help you concentrate better.

1- Sleep well

In order to achieve a correct concentration it is essential to conciliate without difficulty the dream and that it is restorative, that is to say, that in the morning we are fresh and awake. If the nerves come out and we have difficulty sleeping, we can use valerian, which will help us to relax. It is not advisable to study at dawn, because it is harder to memorize and remember what you have learned.

2- Rest every little time

It is impossible to maintain concentration in the study for more than an hour. That’s why you have to take periodic breaks, go for a walk to get clear and if it’s in a natural environment, like a park or a plaza, the better. Several studies have confirmed that nature helps reduce attentional fatigue.

3- Eliminate elements that distract us

The mobile, the television, the computer? they are elements that surround us and that distract our attention. When studying, it is advisable to have an environment free of distractors. It is also important to control the temperature of the study site, ensuring that it is aired, and above all to look for comfort (use a good chair).

4- Do not mix subjects

Make a work plan. Try not to study two completely different subjects at the same time or in a short period of time (for example, mathematics and literature). Divide your study hours by topic, which will favor the attention process.

5- Train your mind

Our cognitive abilities are there and we must train them so that the mind is quick and active. To improve mental capacity wherever you are, there are applications like ‘Brain Trainer Special’, or the famous Sudoku, or video games like ‘Brain Training’ by Nintendo. About 20 minutes a day of mental training is enough.

6- Do not leave everything to the end

Many students have the habit of studying the day before the exam and hitting the big beating. It is advisable to eliminate this practice. Divide the study and the subjects in days or weeks. Having everything planned a month before will facilitate the concentration.

7- Control your thoughts

Telling ourselves phrases like ‘go back to school’ or ‘do not get distracted’ when we lose concentration, will help us to stop thinking about what distracts us and to focus on the content of what we are studying.

8- Exercise

Run, go to the gym, play a game of football or basketball. Remember the famous quote ‘mens sana in corpore sano’. Physical exercise also trains our mind and improves our cognitive ability.

9- Use colors in texts

Who has not used fluorescent markers to highlight the importance of books? Separating the key data will prevent us from being overwhelmed with so much information and will facilitate memorization.

10- Video games also help

A study from the University of Rochester, New York, showed that those who played video games had more selective visual attention and were able to respond to more stimuli. Likewise, these people used their attentional resources better.