The benefits of physical activity and skin

We do not need to remind you of the advantages that exercise has on a physical level, right? If you do not yet enjoy all its advantages, you should consider it. Especially, because there is another aspect in which moving the body from time to time has great advantages: your beauty. These are all the ways in which your skin will benefit from regular exercise.

1. You’ll look younger

According to a study by the McMaster University of Ontario (Canada), people who exercise frequently have a younger skin after age 40 than those of the same age who are sedentary. In the investigation, elaborated with 29 volunteers, it was discovered that those people who were active had a skin composition more similar to that of people of 20 or 30 years than to individuals of their age who did not exercise.

The good news? It’s never too late to start. This same study observed an improvement in the skin of people who, being sedentary, had begun to do physical activity on a regular basis. All thanks to myokines, peptides released with physical exercise that seem to have the power to cause changes in skin cells, among other advantages such as reducing inflammation.

2. You will have less acne

While the scientific evidence is not clear to determine the actual influence of acne exercise, there is a proven fact that would indicate its benefits: during exercise, the body releases various hormones such as serotonin and endorphins, which block stress , one of the most common causes of the problems of this skin problem. In addition, according to a study from the University of Michigan, sweating could play an important role in wound healing, which would improve acne and its scars.

In addition, when sweating, the skin is ‘cleaned’ of waste and favors the elimination of dead cells. Of course, always remember to remove the sweat with a shower or towel immediately after exercising, or you can suffer the opposite effect to the desired due to the proliferation of bacteria.

3. You will improve your circulation

During sports practice, blood circulation that brings more blood and oxygen to the capillaries of the skin is favored. The result: more nutrients, more energy for skin cells and anti-inflammatory effect that would improve possible skin conditions such as rosacea.
Now that you know how to improve your skin when exercising, one last tip: try to train always without makeup (not all make-up products are prepared for this and, when pores open, they can become clogged or the skin can absorb harmful substances from the products) and always remember to apply sunscreen if you train outdoors.