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Less meat, more health for your body

Several studies have shown that high consumption of red meat can increase the risk of developing cancer and heart disease. But replacing it with other protein sources with less fat can extend years of life. There are people who have a hard time imagining a plate of food without meat. If you do not have…
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Natural and healthy tricks to show off your bikini

To put a mesh of two pieces does not count, the strict and trite 90-60-90, but look healthy and you are comfortable with your body. I looked beautiful with these tips to feel light, with protected skin and tone. The least important when putting a two piece mesh are your measurements or marked muscles or…
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Tips to regain and maintain the health of your skin

Daily habits are determinants for skin health, not only by those agents who harm it, but also by the routines to take care of it. Many times stress, pollution and bad habits weaken our skin. The good news is that it is possible to have healthy skin and free of imperfections. To do this you…
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How will I know if our supply is correct?

When power is insufficient to meet the body's needs, the body begins to manifest and sends its signals. If enough fruits and vegetables are consumed it is possible that the immune system will suffer, so the body will get sick more easily and be tired from early morning. These are signs that the body is…
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