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Slow tourism: The 10 pillars of the “slow travel”

This is a new concept of tourism thought to enjoy more than one place without experiencing nerves or exposed to situations of anxiety.

A package tour with more than one destination, transfer by boat or over a plane, schedule time to visit accompanied by guides, for lunch, for photos, nightlife, theaters, bars and much more sites. Sound tempting? Well if you are looking to relax, then the proposal is quite the opposite and is called Slow Tourism.

Slow is a movement that was born in 1986 in a town in Piedmont, northern Italy, with the main motivation to defend the gastronomic traditions and limit the scope of American fast food chains. Such was the impact that the Slow Food moved to other inquitudes where you could observe the incompatibility between the lifestyle and quality of life.

In the tourism sector, the concern is set to enjoy a trip without stress, without excursions marked by hours, for example. In this sense the pillars of this type require a limited area choose to go, stay at least a week, choosing smaller accommodations, frequenting the same places, meet the locals and the rhythm of everyday life of the site.

It proposes that no transport are used to move, unable to hire tour guides but search literature about the place, do not bring itself to contemplate camera and eating in open spaces and avoid restaurants, learn the local language and to take a course Short job as a kitchen. But fundamentally this modality advised not to do anything, and thought given to the complete disconnection of times.

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