Recover the beauty of your hair, nails and skin naturally

When nutrients are lacking, the hair becomes dull, loses shine and falls easily. The nails, on the other hand, become flat, thin and brittle and may show white spots.

There are foods that have great properties and provide vitamins and minerals that can favor the functions of the different organs of the body, and there are nutrients that act specifically in certain areas, strengthening and maintaining optimal conditions for each of these functions. Some of them have a special contribution for strengthening hair, nails and skin and when they are scarce, they are noticed.

When the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals for the correct functioning of all the systems of the organism is missing, serious problems can appear that affect the health in general, but the body has the great faculty to give the alert signals when something does not go very all right.

The hair

If there is a deficiency of any of the essential nutrients for your health, it becomes opaque, weak, dry and falls easily, this being the way to warn about the lack of special nutrients.

When these symptoms occur, it is necessary to immediately increase the consumption of foods rich in vitamins A, C, and B, as well as some minerals such as zinc, iron and iodine, as well as proteins of animal origin that are found in the fish, the egg and the chicken.

The ones

When nails are lacking in vitamins and nutrients, the way to make them notice is when they look flat, brittle, extremely thin or split in two and -in some cases- present some white spots.

To improve your health, it is necessary to consume some foods rich in vitamins A, C, D, E and B2, as well as a good supply of iron, iodine, zinc and calcium. To recover its beauty, the nails need proteins of animal origin, such as eggs, chicken and fish.

Other foods that bring health and beauty to the nails are:

  • whole grains
  • the seeds
  • the nuts
  • the asparagus
  • the cucumbers
  • garlic
  • the onion
  • celery
  • all kinds of green leafy vegetables
  • fruits

Also, do not forget the proper consumption of water every day, in this way the body can eliminate toxins and more easily assimilate the nutrients provided by food.

The skin

If it is the skin that needs the most nutrients, its most usual way of knowing is when it has a dry and opaque appearance. Environmental factors such as sun, light, weather, contact with detergents, dry air from heating systems, are those that are responsible for showing the defects of the firmness and elasticity of the skin. To remedy this condition and make the skin look soft, smooth, fresh and moisturized again, it is essential to consume as many orange fruits and vegetables as possible, as well as all foods that contain good amounts of vitamins A, C, K and vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 can be found in milk, yogurt, broccoli, turnips, mushrooms, strawberries, raspberries and others. It is important to include these foods in the daily diet for good health and beauty of both the skin and the nails and hair.

In addition to the above, for the care of the skin, we have excellent options for natural products, such as the Línea Geneo in its two proposals: healthy and solar skin. Both have the ability to help firm the skin and provide elasticity, which gives it a rejuvenated look.

It is very important to take into account all the signs that indicate that something in the organism is not working as it should be. And if they let themselves pass, more serious problems can arise from now on. If you can prevent yourself, you are in time to recover the beauty and health of your body.

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