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Reasons why you might be addicted to your work

We will give you ten reasons. If you see yourself reflected with one or all, you have to evaluate your scale of values.

You’re exhausted, your routine will have to bring evil and though you know that you spend much time at your job and want to put a brake for some reason always procrastinate your activities, your entertainment and even your holiday. Want to know if you’re addicted to your work? Respóndetelo you yourself.

If after eight office hours you intend to complete a report at home and take it, then clearly you do not know to say “no” and that means that you can not cut within a reasonable time. I often happen that, although you’re more tired, can always find an excuse to resume work and postpone the rest.

Even when you are sleeping or in the shower, you go with your mobile everywhere and under any circumstance answer, for if your boss. If someone wants to make you see that you’re spending more time on your work to your personal life, your answer ends up away these people on your side.

You care so your job you can not even delegárselo another person, even to free the hours that you have to remove your children from school. Another feature of workaholics is that they are the last to leave, resigning all aspects of social life in order to finish the day’s work or to do some tomorrow.

And an important border crossing, many people suffering labor addiction are considered successful and admit failure, most in your friends list but there is no affection alliances and all unions in future negotiations to prevail.

If at least one point of all the above reflects your behavior, it would be nice to start to identify if that is what really makes you happy.

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