First day in the gym: what to do?

If the goal for this year is to start a workout, these tips will help to not remain in the attempt and get good results in the gym.

Sure, the new year he has been chosen by many to catch up and start training at the gym. At first it can be quite overwhelming: a lot of people, machines and little time to learn.

To get the best out of the situation, these tips may be useful mainly for not ignore the necessary care so that the body does not get hurt, the opposite of what you want to achieve.

Prior evaluation of the personal fitness: is not the same start from zero (if not never practiced sport) if you already have a base of aerobic cardiovascular training (running, walking, bicicletear, skating) or force. The previous initial state is an important time to start training at the gym factor.

Establish a schedule: to achieve consistency is necessary to take the issue seriously, according to a schedule to train and fulfill them as an unavoidable commitment. It is important to at least try not to postpone it for excuses like “I’m tired”, “busy”, “I have a lot of work.” It’s just a matter of organizing and deciding to devote time to exercise, which is also important.

Not limited to cardio: If the idea of ​​going to the gym is to burn calories is not only necessary to go to the cardio machines, because the work force is essential to gain muscle mass, which will eventually make it easier to loss fat. It is best to combine both types of training to get very full sessions, aesthetic and physical benefits.
Technical and progressive effort: the technique is paramount in the case of strength training. During the first weeks forget to lift a lot of weight and instead focus on learning to do well all movements. In the case of cardiovascular training, the most important thing (besides cycling technique or race) is that you gain strength slowly, gradually, because otherwise be achieved only hurt the body.

No comparison! Not to obfuscate not achieve results in record time, that will not happen. Both lose weight and gain muscle mass are processes that take time and are not the same for everyone. You need to focus on what each has to do and assess how it feels to do. should not be compared because when this is done, the tendency is always the loser.

In addition to these basic tips, it does not forget that it is equally important to have adequate food, get enough rest and choose activities that are motivating and which everyone feels comfortable.

During the first day in the gym, do not complicate things, just relax and try to enjoy the activities and routines, without losing sight of the main objective. Supplements for athletes provide minerals and nutrients that can boost efforts, providing energy and preventing the body suffers lack. Magnesium Sport is part of them, with their contribution muscles are necessary for the functions of relaxation and muscle contraction occur in the best conditions, and so the chances of injury are reduced. Also involved in multiple metabolic processes with many enzymes involved in the metabolism of food components in the transformation of complex nutrients into its elementary units and in the synthesis of many organic products, while it combat he, muscle fatigue.

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