Why practice indoor cycling?

Know the physical activity that helps you lose weight, combat stress, tone your muscles and if that is not enough, it gives you 6 other benefits. In summer, move!

As we have already said: exercising is very important for health. Whether walking, doing a sport or dancing, the important thing is that you put yourself into action doing something that you like and motivate. And if you started a few months ago do not leave it for the holidays or the heat, adapt your schedules and routines and keep moving.

A good option for this hot season is indoor cycling (indoor) as the rpm or spinning programs, which are dictated within licensed gyms and have teachers prepared and updated to be effective and safe.

They are group classes where you pedal to the rhythm of the music simulating the atmosphere of cycling and alternating fast and slow sections, as if you were rolling on different terrains such as hills, plains and mountains against the clock.

Here we tell you what your benefits are.

1- Contribute to lose weight

According to the coaches estimate, in a 45-minute spinning class you can burn up to 500 calories and, in some cases, up to 700. This amount will depend mainly on the intensity of the exercise and the muscle mass of the cyclist. What is a fact is that this discipline consumes more calories than others.

2- It carries a low risk of injury

It is ideal for overweight people because it has no impact, as it works sitting, relieving the pressure suffered by the joints to support the weight of the body in standing position.

3. Tones the muscles

Improves muscle tone, especially in the area of ​​the buttocks and legs, but also involves as secondary muscles, or with less effort, the upper body, since, after all, the body is a muscle chain and is It is important that all muscles work together in order to achieve a safe and effective movement.

4. Improves cardiovascular health

With the continuous practice of this aerobic exercise you will be able to lower your resting heart rate, which will improve the economy and efficiency of your heart and arteries by lowering blood pressure, so that your entire cardiovascular system will benefit.

5. Strengthens the immune system

It tends to increase the number of cells in the immune system, allowing it to be improved and strengthened. In other words, it will also protect you from illnesses and also make you feel more vital.

6. It favors socialization

When practiced in a group, a climate of joy, camaraderie and sense of belonging is achieved, which makes you more eager to go to motivated class.

7. Fight stress

As it is a high intensity activity, it helps us eliminate tension and, therefore, reduces anxiety, producing a sensation of well-being and mental relaxation once the session is over.

8. It improves the mood

And is that physical exercise helps the brain to release endorphins, a hormone that provides positive feelings and well-being.

9. Increase resistance

In practice, the muscles tone up and get used to a faster and more intense rhythm than usual. That will help to improve the resistance not only for this exercise, but for any physical activity that you do in general.

Did you try indoor cycling? Did you notice these benefits? It is a great exercise that will contribute to the health of your entire body. And if your goal is to lose weight in a safe way, we recommend that you accompany your exercise routine with our Weight Loss Line, find the one that best suits you.

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