How to exercise “activate” your bowel

Sedentary lifestyle affects health in many ways and constipation can also be a consequence of an underactive life. Practice some movements that will help you in a specific way. For the stool to advance to the rectum, the intestine makes contraction movements that facilitate that path. Having a physically active life greatly helps this process. Doing any exercise makes the muscles active and this exercises a gentle massage very useful for your intestinal rhythm. No great efforts are needed: go for a walk half an hour every day after eating (so as not to interfere with digestion) at a smooth pace. You will see how in a short time you notice the change.

The exercise that moves your intestine: Knees to the chest.

How to do it? Stretch with your back well supported on a towel. Relax by keeping your legs straight and slightly open and your arms on each side of the body. Next, bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor. Then bring your knees slowly towards your chest (take them with your hands to make it easier for you) and leave them bent over the trunk. Hold on as if hugging your legs. Hold on for a few seconds. Make them twice a day, when you get up and before bedtime, and repeat 10 times each movement.

Source: https://www.sabervivirtv.com/medicina-general/ejercicio-activar-intestino_575

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