Start tanning, but do not be a risk to your health!

At this time many outfits are beginning to require a higher tone, and before we force it in ways that damage your skin we tell you the best method. Homemade masks and a chord feed, will make you come to the summer with an ideal tan.

If you are of those who like to be tanned or have a color that does not remember the pale winter, or is that you have a party and the tone of your skin does not accompany the wardrobe, then these tips are for you. The proposal is not that you sacrifice the health of your skin with chemical treatments or harmful rays. On the contrary, we propose to tone your skin in a healthy and effective way.

Tanning occurs when UVA and UVB rays reach the skin layer called epidermis and stimulate melanocytes. These produce melanin, which is the one that gives color to the skin, while taking care to protect it from the negative effects of the sun. And while we all need to receive daily sunlight to help absorption of vitamin D, an over-exposure causes serious health problems.

That you do not gain anxiety, keep in mind that the disadvantages of tanning are:

  • Decomposition of the elasticity of the skin, which leads to aging.
  • Dehydration of the skin, which results in dry skin.
  • Increased appearance of freckles.
  • If we reach the point of insolation, burns up to the second degree can appear.
  • Spots on the skin.
  • Generation of cancerous tumors, melanomas.
  • Immune system disorders (suppression).
  • Damage to the retina and formation of cataracts.
  • Infections due to inadequate cleaning of tanning beds.

Keep in mind that to avoid it you can take simple measures like using sunscreen and do not expose the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., among others. This way you can ensure the health of your skin.

Fast and effective tanning

Having a good healthy tan is not easy. But neither is it impossible! Here are some very effective suggestions, including homemade masks and self-tanning for all tastes, especially if you want faster and more effective results.

1- Mask for face of carrot and egg

Blend a little carrot, mix with a fresh egg and stir for a few minutes. Apply the preparation to the previously exfoliated skin and let it dry. After a few hours remove the mask and rinse with plenty of water. You should incorporate this treatment into your beauty routine to achieve good results.

2- Mask of turmeric, black tea and carrot juice

Same as above, mix these ingredients in a blender, make sure you get a liquid consistency and easy to apply. Be careful not to put too much turmeric powder and little liquefied carrot. In case the preparation is very thick, I added more black tea. I spread a good amount with a cotton on the face, let it dry and remove it the next day. Its application can be nocturnal. You will notice the results after a few days.

3- Self-tanning

If you want results a little faster and more effective, self-tanning does not involve any risk. Currently there are many effective products if they are applied following the recommended steps: spat them evenly, with skin previously cleansed and exfoliated and quite frequently.

4- Tanning Facilitators

Of all the tips, this includes exposure to the sun but only briefly and with the care we have already discussed. It is NATUBROWN, the natural supplement that provides beta-carotenes to your body to fix the tan faster while taking care of your skin. The body transforms this compound into the vitamin A that it needs, and the rest deposits it in the skin cells. This is achieved by a natural tan with very little sun. In turn, this supplement gives you lycopene, which exerts a protective effect, reducing the damage of ultraviolet (UV)

Source: vix.com