Sedentary lifestyle: a dangerous “disease” that has a solution!

Science shows how sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise is as risky to health as smoking, diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Although it does not become a disease, its consequences for health and the possibility of treatment, such as PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, make it possible to call it informally in that way. Therefore, a large number of researchers say that the lack of exercise has consequences of high risk factor for health.

The good news is that it’s never too late to START!

Researchers also say in their study that there is no age that does not benefit from being in shape: health improvements related to exercise were reported in all ages, both men and women, both at 40 and 80, the benefits will be the same.

We are made to walk and run, our body needs to be in motion. Move, it is the best prevention.

Therefore, we give you many reasons to start MOVERTE

-Muscles are strengthened and relaxed, improving your posture and relieving joint pain.

-Being flexible and strong we are much less likely to suffer accidents or injuries.

-The cardiovascular resistance and respiratory amplitude are increased, thus getting more oxygenated blood to all the tissues of your body, slowing their aging.

-We sleep better because we release tensions that we accumulate in our body when we are stressed.

-We increase our vital energy responding effectively and economically in our daily tasks.

-It helps us maintain a healthy body weight and thus avoid metabolic, cardiovascular and osteoarticular diseases among others.

-Improves our mood by connecting us with states of possibility, joy and enthusiasm to know that we are self-caring.

-Increase self-esteem by seeing the achievements we are making.

-The physical and mental exercise keep the brain in shape, which facilitates the formation of new cells and neuronal connections, thus reducing processes such as senile dementia.

-We connect with others, with nature and with ourselves, being able to live more in the present and disconnect a bit from our worries.

Therefore, being on the move regularly is very important to live longer, with more health, better quality of life and more HAPPY!

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