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Tips for Overcoming Temptations

Winter’s caloric intake is always a temptation but, beware, because it can lead to a race towards the extra kilos. Take care and control yourself with these tips.

How do you overcome the temptation to eat foods that you like but that add to your hips or abdominal area? Whether for aesthetic reasons or different health conditions (such as when your doctor tells you to choose foods that are low in fat or that you do not add salt to your meals) anyone who worries about eating healthy or wanting to lose weight will have That overcome the temptation to eat some food and those menus that although very appetizing is necessary to moderate.

Taking care of yourself can be a difficult task, so here are some recommendations to reinforce your motivation and not get carried away by cravings.

A cultural issue

What is exquisite of that “delicacy” that you imaginary already enjoy, savoring it in your mouth, is part of the culture of consumption, that is to say what you are accustomed to. Some studies show that, in general, one wants what one is accustomed to eating.

When you start to acquire other habits, you make that cultural way to consume food, something very different. You can perceive what before seemed so tasteless, like a Milanese soy, like a real delicacy. Even the food that you used to like so much, after changing your habits, not only provokes rejection but also is likely to fall heavily or badly on your body.

Maintaining motivation and overcoming temptation can be a very difficult task, which has to do not only with your habits but also with your state of mind and the context around you. You are tempted by parties, meetings with friends, or perhaps it is impossible not to accompany a movie with chocolates, or “want” a dessert after eating.

In summary: when it comes to eating and setting the menu of the day, many factors come into play. But how to do? These are some recommendations that can give you the motivation you need to help you remove from your mind those uncontrollable desires to eat what you should not.

Clear as water

Every time you feel the temptation, take one or two glasses of water: it gives you a feeling of satiety and relieves desires. If the water is not enough, try to accompany it by eating only a handful (not more than 30 grams) of nuts (walnuts, almonds or peanuts).

Break free!

Remove from your cupboard or refrigerator that you should not eat, so it will be easier to avoid them.


It is possible that the temptation disappears if you imagine eating what you so much desire when in reality what is in your mouth is something healthy. Another option is to think of landscapes and even different aromas to divert your mind to other sensations.

Move on

Before going to the cupboard or refrigerator, I went running, walking, jumping, going up and down stairs or any type of exercise. If physical activity does not work, look for some way to distract your mind. For example: call a friend, listen to music or go out to do, or solve, some slope.

Just relax

Stress and stress can undermine your goodwill and make you fall into temptation. Learn to control your nerves (you can help with relaxation techniques, breathing, meditation or visualizations). Fatigue and fatigue can also make you want to eat more. Try to get a good night’s sleep, and if you can, it’s all right to take a short nap to recover energy.


Sometimes it can be useful to modify your routines. For example, passing a bakery that sells irresistible delicacies, I better chose another way and avoid it.


Always avoiding the foods that you so desperately desire can take you to one end and increase the temptation and when you do not endure the effect will be worse. So once or twice a month, allow that gustito, but try to make it just a small portion.

I also discovered our line of slimming, Reductase in its various options and Fucus, to help complement a healthy nutrition. The idea is not to stifle you but to learn to distinguish between healthy and appropriate foods for your health, and those that are not. Cheer up! Motivation and your way of thinking about food are very important to success.

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