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The rhythm of life we lead can be quite intense in the times we live, so experiencing stress, fatigue or anxiety can be common symptoms in everyday life. If this is your case, you need to channel all the accumulated energy to avoid having a medium or long term bill. To do this, there are some techniques that can help you. Do you know Mindfulness?

Mindfulness technique

Mindfulness is a technique with which, consciously, you can see an experience that is happening in the present from different perspectives. Its main objective is to be aware of the here and now through full attention to the situation that is happening, separating the person from their own thoughts, to question the patterns of the mind. With Mindfulness you can manage to elaborate the desired responses to any experience that occurs in your life and avoid reactions based on rapid survival instincts. To do this, you will use meditation, which can help you exercise your memory and your ability to concentrate, as well as enhance self-awareness and the development of emotional intelligence. Therefore, it can become your ideal ally to feel good about yourself, although it is normal for the first few times to cost you a bit. With constant practice you will see how your Mindfulness experience improves. Do you want to know how to start?

First steps towards Mindfulness

Here are the first basic lessons for you to start introducing Mindfulness into your daily life:

  • Choose a quiet place

Find a place without noise, either indoors or outdoors, taking into account that the optimum temperature should range between 18 and 25ºC. Do not forget to disconnect any electronic device that can generate sounds or waves and may interfere with your meditation. If you like to enjoy music in the meantime, let it be relaxing and with repetitive cycles to prevent your attention from coming to attention.

  • Sit comfortably

Sit on the floor making sure you place your back straight for easy breathing. If you prefer, you can choose to use a cushion to sit on the end and be more comfortable. In addition, it is important that you wear clothes as comfortable as possible so that nothing can influence your moment of relaxation.

  • Focus on your breath

Pay attention to the breath by listening to it and feeling how it travels through your body. When you are completely focused on it, you can continue with the recitation of a “mantra”, which is a concrete word or short phrase that is repeated constantly and induces relaxation, like the typical “Om”. Do it out loud or mentally, depending on your possibilities. Visualize the image of a quiet place that you know or let your imagination fly and invent a place or an image that conveys peace to you.

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  • Practice it 30 minutes a day

Start with short sessions of approximately 10 minutes and see the duration of the sessions increasing gradually, as your ability to master the meditation evolves. Research published in the Journal of Internal Medicine revealed that practicing half an hour of Mindfulness daily helps relieve symptoms of disorders such as depression or anxiety.

Source: https://www.susaron.es/conoces-el-mindfulness/ 

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