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How to lose fat faster

To lose weight the key is to speed up metabolism with healthy habits for the body that are very simple and easy to incorporate into the routine.

In the issue of weight loss and reduction measures, many factors but in general what is involved is metabolism. It is basically the way the body processes food. A slow metabolism will cause fat to accumulate, and the opposite will happen when it is faster. It is a natural question through habits can be changed.

If the goal is to lose weight, there are effective ways to speed up metabolism to lose kilos more easily. Here are some tips that may help:

Consume more tea: New research indicates that this antioxidant in some teas functions as an enhancer for the body to burn more fat. In fact, one study showed that women who ate a cup of green tea a day increased the rate of your metabolism by 10 %.

Using weights: according to experts, studies show significant changes when the training is 60% strength anaerobic or aerobic and 40%. After ten weeks to make a basic circuit strength, basal metabolism will increase by 6 %, which means you ‘ll burn 75 to 100 calories more per day.

Sumar proteins: the proteins are true – calorie burning torches, first, because to digest your body has to make an extra effort needed to process fat. It also helps maintain muscle mass, and the greater the mass acts faster metabolism. And if that were not enough, ingest can absorb sugar more slowly, so glucose levels are not triggered after eating something sweet. It is recommended that 30 % of daily calories from protein foods such as meat, chicken, milk, yogurt, eggs, nuts and peas.

Power breakfast: After a long night of sleep, metabolism becomes stagnant and need a nutritious breakfast to get going. That does not mean eating anything, but what the body really needs. For this, the food groups that should not miss are dairy, cereals and fruits. Everything in the ratio of 50 % carbohydrates, 30 % protein and 20 % fat. To comply with this rule, it is not have time, just take home wholemeal bread, low-fat cheese, nuts and fruit juice these needs are covered.

But fewer eating followed: the key to losing kilos bypasses drastically reduce daily calorie intake. In fact when the body is removed note that the food enters “scarcity mode” and, in order to prevent you from starving, he begins to take care of their fat reserves. For that, the metabolism slows. What you need to do is divide the diet into five or six meals a day, to avoid increasing thermogenesis induced by food. The secret is, therefore eating less and more often to maintain active metabolism and burn more calories while keeping energy without starving.

Train intervals: the exercise routine exercises must combine high cardiac stress, with more relaxed as the gentle trot, as the training intervals metabolism more active than high-impact exercise alone. Specialist advice is to change four times the intensity of training over half an hour.

Help the metabolism

The key to healthy weight loss is a good diet , rich in nutrients, and exercise , but if metabolism is natural supplements that can be combined contribute to its acceleration and consequent elimination of fats in the body. As is the case of the line of slimming REDUCTASE GREEN TEA AND BITTER ORANGE thanks to its combination of properties becomes an ally in fighting the extra kilos. Its formula combines L – tirosona , a precursor of molecules that accentuate the fat metabolism amino acid, the properties of green tea and bitter orange peel , which has synephrine , a component capable of acting on adrenergic receptors that are responsible activating lipolysis and increase thermogenesis .

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