Collagen anti-aging protein essential for the entire body

It is the most abundant protein in the body and essential constituent of bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and joints. Avoid wrinkles and sagging, in the same way that calms rheumatic pain.

Collagen is a natural substance produced by the body itself, which plays a key role for the proper maintenance of tissues throughout the body, contributing to its elasticity and regeneration. Thereof, it is present in the composition of the bones, skin, ligaments, cartilage and tendons.

With the passage of time the production of this protein by the cell decreases and shows that the skin loses elasticity, this natural effect is accelerating as the years pass, so the solution is to manage the body’s collagen to strengthen which can not generate or has weakened.

What is your function?

It is considered the “glue” that holds the connective tissue, skin and muscles. It provides structure, strength and elasticity to all tissues of the osteoarticular system and skin. With the loss of bone collagen it becomes porous and fragile, and as for the skin loses elasticity and thickness, causing sagging and wrinkling. Another of its consequences in relation to age, is osteoarthritis.

In women, these processes are accelerated with the arrival of menopause by decreasing hormone levels. From 25-30 years it begins to lower its production naturally.

To recover

Collagen food has a very low bioavailability, which must supplement them to achieve a sufficient contribution to the body. Furthermore, it is found in foods with excessive sugar and fat content, such as gelatin and sausages, so many lose much of its protein content during the cooking process.

The launch of Collagen & Q-10, the GENEO of Natufarma line provides an additional option that addresses the natural protein deficiency, providing fair and necessary dose to provide the body needs collagen to nourish the tissues recovering consistency, making more elastic and less prone to generate skin wrinkles. It also reduces pain and joint discomfort, prevents osteoporosis and help fight osteoarthritis.

It is recommended as a dietary supplement in an amount of 8 g. daily, which will be enough to begin to notice their benefits after 15 days of consumption. Being a substance that is not harmful or contraindications, use can last for a lifetime.

Not only an amazing protein is a supplement highly recommended for those who practice sports and subject their joints to a great physical effort, but also for those who are thinking for a plastic surgery or similar treatments carried out. They can consume gluten intolerant or lactose.

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