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Sedentary lifestyle: a dangerous “disease” that has a solution!

Science shows how sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise is as risky to health as smoking, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Although it does not become a disease, its consequences for health and the possibility of treatment, such as PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, make it possible to call it informally in that way. Therefore, a large number of…
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Why practice indoor cycling?

Know the physical activity that helps you lose weight, combat stress, tone your muscles and if that is not enough, it gives you 6 other benefits. In summer, move! As we have already said: exercising is very important for health. Whether walking, doing a sport or dancing, the important thing is that you put yourself…
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Why obesity is a subject to be addressed?

Know what it is and what are the signs of overweight. For its consequences to health, to obesity is necessary to prevent and reverse it, then: if you identify yourself in these indexes, you must put hands to work and take care of your body. Overweight and obesity are defined as an abnormal or excessive…
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