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Onion: an ally against hair loss

It is a time of fall and replacement, but watch that you are not losing more than normal. If you realize that this is happening to you, put into practice these tricks home and natural.   Excessive hair loss is one of the hair disorders that regularly affects both men and women. While it is…
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Tips to regain and maintain the health of your skin

Daily habits are determinants for skin health, not only by those agents who harm it, but also by the routines to take care of it. Many times stress, pollution and bad habits weaken our skin. The good news is that it is possible to have healthy skin and free of imperfections. To do this you…
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Can not you sleep? Try with a banana tea

I discovered all the benefits of this super natural preparation and easy to make at home. If the important thing is to reconcile a dream of quality, do it in the most healthy way. Do you have trouble sleeping? Getting a good rest is not necessarily a privilege. Fortunately for those moments there is always…
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Why detoxify our body?

The purification of toxins that our body accumulates after holidays and vacations, becomes indispensable to return renewed to face the new year. After some excess of the end of year the best thing to return to the routine is to renew the energies of our body. And for that, it is necessary to get rid…
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