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Natural and healthy tricks to show off your bikini

To put a mesh of two pieces does not count, the strict and trite 90-60-90, but look healthy and you are comfortable with your body. I looked beautiful with these tips to feel light, with protected skin and tone. The least important when putting a two piece mesh are your measurements or marked muscles or…
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Recover the beauty of your hair, nails and skin naturally

When nutrients are lacking, the hair becomes dull, loses shine and falls easily. The nails, on the other hand, become flat, thin and brittle and may show white spots. There are foods that have great properties and provide vitamins and minerals that can favor the functions of the different organs of the body, and there…
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Start tanning, but do not be a risk to your health!

At this time many outfits are beginning to require a higher tone, and before we force it in ways that damage your skin we tell you the best method. Homemade masks and a chord feed, will make you come to the summer with an ideal tan. If you are of those who like to be…
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