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Category Archives: Body Aesthetics

The benefits of physical activity and skin

We do not need to remind you of the advantages that exercise has on a physical level, right? If you do not yet enjoy all its advantages, you should consider it. Especially, because there is another aspect in which moving the body from time to time has great advantages: your beauty. These are all the…
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What you need to know about sun exposure

The sun is a source of life for everyone, but in particular its radiation can be very harmful to your skin. I discovered its benefits and everything you need to know to avoid its harmful effects. Enjoy with health! Exposure to the sun is always healthy than the sea. Among its benefits is the pleasurable…
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I discovered the benefits of Centella Asiatica

In the summary of its benefits are properties for the treatment of specific conditions, as well as aesthetic. Know the effects of this powerful plant. What is the Centella asiatica for? This small plant has been used for a long time in traditional Chinese medicine and is increasingly popular in the West. Its scientific name…
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