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Recipes Keep Good Friday

Some ideas from Christian customs help us innovate during Lent. During Holy Week the Catholics made special meals, especially on Good Friday, when restrictions on religion by abstinence and fasting meat is enacted. For many, this practice has not weakened with the passage of time but has become a complication when preparing the dishes and…
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Why is it important to eat oatmeal for breakfast?

provides numerous benefits, including lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Oatmeal is a food with lots of features that serve to keep us healthy. You add to our daily diet we ensure a better quality of life, so it is not as an adjunct to healing benefits but preventative food, put it in some way. It…
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¿Stevia or sweetener? Learn to sweeten your meals healthily

Just remember that the first is a natural flavoring, while the second is a chemical compound. From a time now the sweet plant, known as stevia, put on everyone's lips as an alternative to sugar, and further recommended for healthy diets shapers and sweeteners. This does not mean that planting this leaf was discovered recently,…
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