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How to exercise “activate” your bowel

Sedentary lifestyle affects health in many ways and constipation can also be a consequence of an underactive life. Practice some movements that will help you in a specific way. For the stool to advance to the rectum, the intestine makes contraction movements that facilitate that path. Having a physically active life greatly helps this process.…
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Health Care in the winter

At this time of the year it is necessary to prevent respiratory diseases and poisoning. In particular, care measures should be maximized and alert to possible symptoms in infants, children, pregnant women and older adults, since they are the most vulnerable to this type of condition. Respiratory diseases To prevent respiratory diseases such as influenza,…
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With the arrival of cold days, food tends to change to cope with low temperatures. It seems that the organism needs to take Hot liquids instead of water simply, hot dishes are preferred instead of cold ones, in general more caloric foods are chosen. During the cold season, food must respond to the body's demands…
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10 exercises to do at home during the winter

Although with the arrival of the cold we show less our figure it is clear that we want to continue keeping in shape. One of the most recurrent excuses to avoid maintaining our winter exercise routine is laziness or lack of time, so we propose 10 simple exercises that you can perform in the comfort…
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