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Stay one step ahead to summer!

He started the countdown, I discovered how we can help, zone by zone, to put the body together and achieve visible results.

When in this time of spring start to look in the windows, and everywhere, the replacement of season (shown shorts, muscled, bikinis), the concern of how to make the ravages of winter not notice appears.

To get to the summer with a healthy look and highlight your beauty, it is important not to despair and worry beforedeal! What are you on time: this is the best time to start putting your body and want to display. Although no miraculous techniques, with perseverance and effort can achieve good results. The idea is to put together a plan as: healthy diet, exercise and specific treatments to help us polish the weaknesses.

These are our tips for not despair and put yourself to work to get radiant summer:


Walking is one of the healthiest habits. One option is to avoid transporting the way to work or at least let you calculate about 15 blocks, both going back. You can bring the shoes in a bag, headphones and calculate hundred feet (about one block) per minute. With this routine to repeat four or five times a week it is enough to keep fit, exercise, no excuses for lack of time. It can also be replaced by pedaling four times a week, half hour or 45 minutes a day. You can choose the routine that you like.

To enhance the performance of your body, supplemented with some of our proposals for the Sport line as Magnesium Sport recommended to prevent muscle fatigue. Magnesium is an essential mineral because in equilibrium with calcium, plays a key for relaxation and muscle contraction role. Also involved in multiple metabolic processes with many enzymes involved in the metabolism of food components in the transformation of complex nutrients in their basic units and synthesis of many organic products.


If you’re wide hips, yours is the elliptical, the treadmill or bike, as these activities compacted refined and buttocks without developing too. With 30 minutes four or five times a week, with soft charge is sufficient. For those who have flat bottom, ideal squats and lunges are three sets of fifteen repetitions of each exercise, three times a week, and improvements will be visible. An extra tip to harden: as proteins give more tone to the muscle, incorporated into the daily diet fat dairy (three servings), lean meats, egg (all clear you want), ten walnuts or almonds and a tablespoon of seeds sunflower, flax, wheatgerm and brewer’s yeast.

It is clear that cellulite is the evil that all would like to eradicate. Hated and feared, fight possible and for that you need to follow a comprehensive plan. Complements exercises with Asian Centella, the supplement that increases blood circulation improving tone and elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and capillaries; It stimulates collagen biosynthesis, improve microcirculation and capillary permeability in the long-term treatment.

Tummy, or abdomen

You can not escape the abdominals, but there are some secrets that can make them more effective: the best time for this routine is morning as it speeds up metabolism and keeps it elevated throughout the day. Start with the most classic abdominal, face up (three sets of thirty repetitions, four or five times a week) and you’ve to add fiber diet to ensure good intestinal transit. Bread and rice will have to be comprehensive, fruits and vegetables, raw and shell have to eat them. It will be a matter of getting used to.

Supplements are also a good choice to help this reduction plan, and there are many options in the line of slimming to suit each case and particularity.


The main thing for glowing skin is to drink water, lots of water. always carries in his wallet a bottle and fill it three or four times a day. In addition, Proba take it day by a tomato juice, beet and carrot, which prevent premature aging skin and prepare for a better tan. Another powerful antioxidant infusion is to mix water with half a squeezed grapefruit.

Besides you can start preparing the skin to expose more with facilitators tanning and the Geneo line, which also enhance tanning contribute to a healthy structure of the dermis, they help to maintain its firmness and elasticity giving a more youthful appearance to the skin thanks to its contribution of collagen (fundamental to prevent wrinkles).

Summer requires an extra skin care. Increased hydration, light components Emulsions and help retain water in the epidermis. If you want to show profiteth the time to start any plan is now.

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