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About Us

Our Company

NATUFARMA started its activity producing phytoextracts that later turned into other pharmaceutical forms like pills, capsules, syrups, according to market demands and preferences.

12 years ago a modern plant was built, following strict norms for the elaboration of extracts and essential oils for medicines, nutritional supplements, drinks, etc.

Two decades after its beginning, NATUFARMA is positioned as a leader trademark and its products can be found in all the drug-stores and dietitian shops of the country.

For the elaboration of products that provide comfort to its consumers, NATUFARMA relies on modern equipment, advanced technology and human resources of which it is absolutely proud of.

It permanently investigates and checks consumer preferences for a trademark or a product category, because he is well informed, acts rationally and appraises the best relationship between price and quality.

The nutraceutical industry – dynamic and innovating – demands products that transmit healthy life, welfare and quality.

our philosophy


We create welfare through natural products to prevent and diminish the risks of a sedentary life, empower the benefits of a healthy life and help to improve and preserve physical aesthetics.


We wish to see ourselves and that others see us.

Proving our leadership in prevention and welfare care, as experts in the development of natural products especially designed to consolidate the benefits of a healthy life and to reduce the risks of a sedentary way of living.
Proving the leadership of our products in the local market and our strong intention of imposing them in the international markets.

Proving our leadership in the staff integration and in the individual growth of our people, organized as an intelligent community.

Proving our leadership in social activities to help the community and the environment.

Demostrando nuestro liderazgo en iniciativas sociales en apoyo a la comunidad y respeto al medio ambiente.

Proving our leadership in the whole chain of value, from the conception of ideas up to the absolute satisfaction for the reliance of our trade mark.

Proving our leadership as a profitable, efficient, responsible and valuable company for our providers, for our distributors and for our customers.

We wish to see ourselves and that others see us leading the future.

Values of NATUFARMA S.A.
  • Nobility
  • Excellence
  • Compromise
  • Staff Integration
  • Human Growth
  • Social Activity
  • Reliability
  • Ethics



NATUFARMA is a company for people with team spirit, wish for learning and enjoy for work.
We understand that training is the basic tool for the individual and organizational development. Therefore, it must be constant and must be considered a priority within investments.

Our Annual Training Plan comprises the technical and operational aspects of each job, including the most advanced knowledge for each discipline, as well as the development of cognizance of interpersonal relationship and of the business itself.

Training is pretended not only for the strict dimension of the job but with the aim of enabling people to prepare themselves for more complex and responsible tasks.

In our company we give absolute priority to an internal staff search. The purpose of this policy is to give opportunities to our people, as recognition for their good performance.

We are devoted to provide a friendly and respectful intercourse to any people that want to work in NATUFARMA.
It is a policy of NATUFARMA to give them the possibility to integrate themselves quickly and properly to the company and to the human group that constitutes it, thus reducing the anxiety and insecurity that new and unknown situations produce in the development of their tasks.

We are convinced that the success of our company relies on the daily efforts of all the people that conforms this family. Therefore, day after day, we are devoted to the constant growth of our Human Resources and to the establishment of a friendly scope of work.



The production plant is placed on Route 6, in Esperanza city, quite near to the urban area and with easy access to the main routes that connect it to the most important cities of the country.


At present, the plant has capacity apt to produce blistered and packaged pills according to the most modern production technology.

Production capacity:

  • 400.000 cases monthly
  • 15.000.000 pills monthly

The plant relies on modern production technologies, either soft (Norms) or hard (equipment).

Norms: GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001.

Equipment: machines of advanced technology through its whole production line that satisfy normative requirements, both in production line as well as in quality control.


The commercial area counts on salesmen in various Argentine provinces to satisfy the needs of about 13.000 drugstores, distribution centers and the most important commercial chains of the county.

Its structure is as follows:

  • Central office in Esperanza.
  • Commercial office in Buenos Aires.
  • Sales centers in Córdoba, Tucumán and Mendoza.