Monthly Archives: March 2018

How to maintain your weight

Maintaining an ideal weight with the passage of time is the most healthy for your body. But sometimes it is a difficult task. Or if you have already managed to lose those pounds, but another great challenge is approaching. We tell you how not to upload them again. One of the most difficult things for…
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I discovered why you should start to consume chia seeds

Además de ser un complemento natural que ayuda a proteger tu corazón, sus vastas propiedades contribuyen a mantener y mejorar la salud en general de todo tu cuerpo. Sentite saludable agregando Chía a tu día. There is evidence that Chia seeds were known and used for more than 3 thousand 500 years. The primitive Mexicans…
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Radiant skin: a natural chemical reaction

What are collagen, essential amino acids, carotene and antioxidants? I discovered the chemical elements that are found in nature and that are responsible for the beauty and health of the skin. Chemical reactions do not occur only in the laboratory. The organism is a great complex of biological reactions that determine the health and vitality…
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