Yearly Archives: 2015

How to enjoy the festivities maintaining a healthy diet

New Year arrives and with it , events and farewells. There are many tips and tips to enjoy eating varied and healthy. Moderation is the primary key for the traditional holiday meal will not cause havoc in weight, but also there are some tricks that can subtract calories without having to stop to enjoy them.…
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Food that improves cognitive performance

The diet rich in specific nutrients stimulates the brain to cognitive performance and creative level. At time of final exams or when lacking the energy to finish the year, changing your diet, it can be a revitalizing option. Investigations are striking: there are foods and nutrients that stimulate cognitive and creative activity. New research confirms…
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The secret to stimulate and improve circulation

There are many factors that may influence the retention and affect the circulation in the body. Fortunately there are preventive and plant used since ancient times, which help improve actions. There are many factors that can affect circulation, especially in the extremities, causing discomfort when walking with this pain and various symptoms that affect daily…
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The incredible properties of magnesium for health

Besides being essential for proper absorption of calcium and prevent bone and joint problems, magnesium chloride participates in all the metabolic processes of transformation of food into energy, and is essential to maintaining the functional integrity of the nervous system. Magnesium chloride is a supplement with multiple health benefits of the body, valued for its…
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