Monthly Archives: December 2014

Grandmother tips to whiten teeth

Good hygiene and the help of a homemade tricks can leave your mouth healthy and radiant. Denture care seems to be a task that almost nobody is aware until they start the first pains. It is that the visit to the dentist, invasive treatments or simple aesthetics need not appear to be among the most…
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Woofing: The mode to create organic farms in the world

Woofers are people who practice this trend to travel, to experience nature and see places cultivating the land. For some the dream job it is one that combines the tasks with the pleasure of meeting places and new people. You'd think this task is specific to a traveler, or a person who is dedicated to…
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Cuatro ejercicios para hacer con una silla

Fortalecé tus glúteos, marcá el abdomen y tonificá piernas y brazos sin ir al gimnasio. Hacer gimnasia nunca antes fue tan sencillo, dicho así parece una publicidad de un producto de venta telefónica, sin embargo ciertamente es más sencillo y no hay que comprar ningún elemento para ejercitar, simplemente tenemos que valernos de cualquier silla…
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Three diseases that can be prevented with exercise

The exercise activates the metabolism allowing certain diseases such as obesity and memory loss can be prevented in time. Having a daily routine of physical exercise is recommended not only for a precious silhouette but also to feel healthy and in good spirits. Physical activity allows us to reduce weight and therefore lighter feel and…
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