10 exercises to do at home during the winter

Although with the arrival of the cold we show less our figure it is clear that we want to continue keeping in shape. One of the most recurrent excuses to avoid maintaining our winter exercise routine is laziness or lack of time, so we propose 10 simple exercises that you can perform in the comfort of your home. These are:

Squats without weight

It is the exercise you need if you want to exercise your legs and glutes. Keeping your lower body in shape will allow your slim style pants to feel much better than before.

Remember that in order to avoid bad postures and to do bad exercise, you should always go down with your back straight and do the same movement as when you sit in a chair. Keep your feet separated the width of your shoulders and that the knee never exceed the line of the toes. You already have it!


The push-ups can not be absent in any self-respecting training. Thanks to them you can strengthen the upper body.

Do not worry if at first you can not do it with your legs stretched out, you can lean on your knees to make it easier. With time, you will surely gain strength!

Abdominal exercises

To strengthen and tone the abdominal area this is the exercise you need. Keep enjoying the water in the heated pool, with your favorite swimsuit and forget the rest.

If you’re bored with classic abs, you can alternate them with ‘Iron’ or lower abs, better known as leg lifts or scissors. Which do you prefer?


Work almost all the muscles of your body with the burpees. A high intensity exercise that you can practice perfectly at home since it does not require any type of sports equipment.

They will leave you exhausted but it is one of the best cardio workouts to lose weight, gain coordination and improve endurance.

Jump with rope

One way to do cardiovascular exercise without the need to have a machine at home is to jump rope. Exercise the whole body so that you will notice how your figure is molded in a short time.

Start with series of ten jumps with a minute of rest in the middle of each one and leave it when the body asks for it. Take it easy!

Strides or lunges

Strides are a perfect exercise to work the gluteus. Even better than squats, if we take into account that thanks to him we can work our legs separately and ‘repair’ possible imbalances of strength or muscle mass.

Always keep in mind the observations of a professional to perform them correctly and avoid knee injuries.

Bear Crawl or step of the bear

The bear crawl is a typical exercise of crossfit training that imitates the walk of a bear. It consists of using the hands and feet as only support points and alternate between them to move forward.

The difficulty is trying to keep our torso flat and in a position as parallel as possible to the ground. Have you ever tried it?

Pelvic lift

Let’s go with something simple! Pelvic lift, also known as hip extension on the floor, is an easy and effective exercise with which you can tone your buttocks.

It is a training that you must perform in long series to obtain results in the shortest possible time.

Broad Jump

Broad jump allows us to develop our power. It consists of jumping up and forward with the legs together ending in a deep squat. Ideally, you increase the distance in each jump to test your physical form.

If you need to remove a couple of kilos from above, this type of exercise will burn many calories.

Dolphin push ups

You do not need more than the weight of your body to add this exercise to your routine. The dolphin push ups are a complete movement with which you will work arms, shoulders and core. Learn the technique well and test your resistance.

We encourage you to apply some of those we recommend to your daily exercise routine as long as you know the correct technique to execute them.

Also, it is very important that you perform a good warm up of all the parts of your body and elongation at the end.

 Set yourself a realistic goal and let yourself be surprised by the results. Let’s go for it!

Source: https://www.corbataslester.com/magazine/10-ejercicios-para-hacer-en-casa-durante-el-invierno/