Trucos para superar el estrés, la ansiedad y el miedo

Going back to the routine is not always easy, and by now you may have accumulated several earrings but do not get stressed! It will calm anxiety and live healthier thanks to these tips.

Stress, anxiety and fear are the major problems of society today. These cause multiple disadvantages, including the development of more severe diseases or diseases.

To live healthier, not only are feeding routines and exercises necessary, but it is essential to think about mental health and try to make the brain calm down.

For this, there are simple guidelines that everyone can carry out, especially incorporating the idea that mental health is also part of integral health. In this way, it is possible to improve daily life, cope with stress and problems with more serenity.

  1. How can you manage stress?

Instead of a permanent attitude of "fight against oneself", or of flight, the best thing is an active deep breathing.

To calm down and reach a state of serenity you can try some relaxation technique. But before getting down to work, it is necessary to assimilate that being honest with oneself is a powerful tool.

  1. Be exposed to fear

Exposure therapy consists of clearly exposing the things that frighten us. That way you can get more comfort, for example, to speak in public.

  1. Is it fear that is holding you back?

You must recognize when you are letting yourself be overcome by an exaggerated anxiety. And it is that the fears towards something can extend towards other questions of our life.

When you face a situation or experience that seems difficult to approach, think. It may be that fears have a lot to do with those limitations.

  1. Exercise to calm daily stress

Did you know that exercise is one of the best ways to relax? Because with physical activity endorphins are generated, and these help to calm down. In addition, it boosts the immune system and raises body temperature.

  1. Understanding anxiety as excitement

Anxiety is not always bad. In certain situations, difficult in appearance, it is necessary to consider anxiety as a kind of excitement, rather than as exaggerated nervousness.

A study has confirmed that people who interpret their anxiety as excitement, rather than as nerves, are more likely to act correctly and get out of situations.

  1. Recognize things that are done well

You need to make a list of what worries you and another list of things that are going well for you. Once you have them, then compare them. In this way, you will not only be thinking about the negative, but also about the good that happens to you.

  1. You have to look at things as a whole

Survival alerts give us fear and permanent fear. To have the feeling that one should remain with the guard always up.

However, care must be taken to control the messages of the mind. It may be that she warns that something bad could happen in the future. However, it will not be at the present time, so we should relax.

  1. Take your life as a game

Taking things with humor is as important as considering homework as a kind of hobby. To master stress, each action must be conceived as a game. When something goes wrong, we can start the next game and try something else.

  1. The important values

Before a challenging situation, which makes you very tense, I went back to those really fundamental values. What is it that matters most to you? Family, couple, children, or work? Writing what is important will help you face seemingly decisive challenges in life.

  1. Helping others always brings us something

It is necessary to show your predisposition to support, listen and offer your help. When you help others you have less negative emotions and stress does not affect you as much.

  1. Coffee to control stress

According to some studies, coffee can be an excellent ally in certain situations of stress. However, keep in mind that the amounts should be moderate.

  1. Meditation is an excellent weapon against stress

We have to train the mind to focus on the present, on the tasks of each day. This avoids the anxiety about the future, and the continuous torment with past situations. And with practice, it will be possible to manage depressions, anxieties and pain.

To what extent is stress good or bad?

Some psychologists say that stress is a sign that you care about your life and that it is meaningful to you. However, other studies say that the consequences of being under stress constantly and in situations of high stress, bring dire consequences to the health of the entire body.

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 Source: mejorconsalud.com