I discovered the benefits of Centella Asiatica

In the summary of its benefits are properties for the treatment of specific conditions, as well as aesthetic. Know the effects of this powerful plant.

What is the Centella asiatica for? This small plant has been used for a long time in traditional Chinese medicine and is increasingly popular in the West. Its scientific name is Hydrocotile Asiatic, it is of Indian origin and in Eastern lands it is known as Gotu Kola.

Properties of gotu kola

It has varied medicinal properties. These are mainly due to triterpenoids and saponins, and include a variety of benefits to treat skin problems -eczema, psoriasis, diarrhea, fever, amenorrhea, among others.

The gotu kola is an adaptogen, that is, a multi-purpose tonic. This is because among its properties are those produced by saponins, which are responsible for healing and produce vascular effects that decrease the production of collagen in that area. And this is why it is widely used to heal skin lesions and aesthetic treatments.

There are many benefits that the body gives the periodic consumption of it, we highlight:

1- As a daily stimulant and relaxing against stress

It helps in treatments against stress, because, as a natural sedative, its consumption brings peace of mind. This is why it is usually recommended in people with episodes of anxiety or very serious nervousness. In addition, it improves brain capacity, by favoring concentration and increasing memory.

It is also recommended for women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome as well as those who feel continually fatigued or tired from everyday activities.

2- Contributes to the health of the circulatory system

It is a powerful supplement that strengthens blood vessels and restores elasticity to the arterial walls. For this reason it is also advised in the treatment of those suffering from high blood pressure, cholesterol or anemia.

Thanks to its tonic properties, this natural supplement is used to treat any ailment related to blood circulation, such as phlebitis, tired legs, varicose veins or tingling.

3- Stimulates the lymphatic system

This quality allows the possibility of excreting waste through urine, perspiration and feces. Thanks to these diuretic properties is often used in treatments for people with overweight, fluid retention or urinary and renal diseases, as it is very suitable to cleanse excess toxic or harmful substances that accumulate in the body. It is in turn useful for excreting toxins and fat cysts that form in the breasts.

4- Great contribution of collagen and elastin

Its "super-power" is to form collagen and elastin fibers. And it is thanks to this that their greatest contributions can literally be seen. Its use reduces wrinkles and stretch marks, fights sores, and is recommended to have healthy and strong nails and hair (and is very good at removing dandruff). Treats pimples and boils and accelerates the healing process in operations.

This property makes it possible to delay the aging of the skin by aiding in the manufacture of collagen.

5- Cellulitis and Centella Asiatica

Many know it for its ability to reduce cellulite. Separate paragraph deserves this property that makes it stand out from all the others, is among the most effective treatments. The substances "responsible" for converting it into an anti-cellulite plant are several. Some of them are: fatty acids, tannins, phytosterols and mucilages.

The treatment is based on daily intake and must be accompanied by a specific plan so that results can be achieved. You can find Centella Asiatica between our natural supplements, and start preparing for the bikini.

Source: mejorconsalud.com; vix.com