How to maintain your weight

Maintaining an ideal weight with the passage of time is the most healthy for your body. But sometimes it is a difficult task. Or if you have already managed to lose those pounds, but another great challenge is approaching. We tell you how not to upload them again.

One of the most difficult things for a person is to follow a healthy diet and maintain their ideal weight. Therefore, it is necessary to follow some strategies without having to resort to strict diets.

1.      Control your emotions

Scientists from the University of Alabama, found that emotional people are 13 times more likely to be overweight because of their relationship with food. If you have an emotional problem do not take refuge in it, you can go out with your friends, meditate, exercise or do any kind of activity that prevents you from thinking about food.

2.      Homemade food

Adopt the habit of preparing food at home. Cook with fresh foods, which are healthier and more nutritious. You can make several menus to give you two to three days, this will make a difference in your diet and weight. I consumed green leafy vegetables, lots of fruit, took plenty of water (approximately 2 liters per day) and minimized junk food. Following a healthy diet is essential to conserve weight.

3.      Record your weight

If you have already lost weight, in order not to recover it, it is essential to continue not to recover it. Perform a routine every day at the same time to record the kilos that marks the balance. This helps keep you slim and motivated. The balance is now your most faithful friend. If you notice that you went up, you already know what to do to get it down quickly.

4.      Count the calories and move!

Learn about the amount of calories and ingredients that each meal has, at least its basic components. And in those days of greater weakness in which you eat others, intensify your exercises. Your normal routine should be at least two or three days a week, but if going to the gym is not what excites you most, walking is just as effective. It does not require any special skills, and can be done outdoors as a walk at a good pace. Therefore, instead of leaving in your car, or any other means of transport, move on foot.

5.      Shopping plan

A research conducted at Harvard University ensures that people who buy in advance, have a healthier diet. The key is to make a shopping list and create a weekly menu, in this way you have an organization of your meals, quantities and variety that help you maintain your weight. This thanks to that you will always know what to prepare without having to resort to delivery.

6.      Eat only when you're hungry

If the refrigerator calls you, try to calm the anxiety on the other hand: entertain your mind doing something that captures your attention. But if your stomach is stronger than the voice of your reason, I always chose a fruit or a healthy snack, never snacks or processed or sugary foods.

It can also help you to use smaller plates than traditional ones, to reduce portions almost without being noticed. Drink water before each meal to generate a feeling of fullness in advance. Or you can even try REDUCTASE-CLA, the ideal complement of Linoleic Acid that helps your body process fats.

Source: vix.com; salud180.com