Oxygen is an essential element for our body to function properly as it intervenes in the vast majority of its processes, including the transformation of food into energy and the correct regeneration of our cells. Therefore, there is a direct relationship between breathing and our physical condition: if the first is done properly, the second…
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The benefits of physical activity and skin

We do not need to remind you of the advantages that exercise has on a physical level, right? If you do not yet enjoy all its advantages, you should consider it. Especially, because there is another aspect in which moving the body from time to time has great advantages: your beauty. These are all the…
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Benefits of water in our body.

Our body is formed mostly by water, 75% of the muscles is water, which is why it is important to consume water daily to have good health. It is an essential element to keep our body healthy because, in addition to cleaning the body and eliminating toxins, it is an efficient vehicle to transport the…
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