Activate! I fight the sedentary lifestyle

The sedentarismo is an evil of the present society, more risky than one thinks. The good news is that, with minor changes in your routine, you can avoid it. Read the note and start today.

The habit characterized by little or no physical activity in everyday life is defined as sedentarism. And its main consequence is that it puts the organism in a state of vulnerability that makes it easy target for diverse diseases.

The risk of becoming sedentary has been growing with advances in technology, clear examples are the elevator, the ubiquity of TV, computer and video games. And on this lies the alarming appearance of sedentarism at very early ages.

The consequences of this "saving" of movement and effort are concretized especially in an insufficient "expenditure" of the fat substances that are ingested and that are stored. The increase of this accumulation impairs the normal functioning of the organism.

In this table, the increase in cholesterol can be added to the list of diseases, which contributes to the deposition of fat in the venous ducts, affecting the normal blood circulation and, mainly, the heart. In the same way bones suffer, which become susceptible to osteoporosis.

In short, the sedentarismo diminishes the physical capacity, that by its profession or work carries out a sedentary life, has to propose to compensate. To begin with, these are some lifestyle changes that can lead to improvements:

  1. Walk more

Avoid any other means, if you are a few blocks you can walk. Do it every time you get the chance.

  1. + Stairs - lift

Use the stairs, they help you consume twice as many calories as walking. It is also a cardiovascular exercise, which benefits the heart and blood vessels.

  1. Move to work

The office is where we spend most of the day. Two minutes, each hour, of simple exercises and stretches, reduces discomfort and clear the mind.

  1. Stop and take a few steps

While talking on the phone, stop and take a few steps. If you talk an hour and meanwhile walk you can spend an average of 70 calories in that period.

  1. Play with your kids

I turned physical activity into an essential component of your family life, thus promoting healthy habits.

  1. Dance

In addition to being fun and relaxing, dancing in general is suitable for all kinds of people. It is a perfect activity for those who do not like gyms or practice sports.

  1. Use the bike

Pedaling, besides an ecological fashion, is a good physical activity and the best option of transport.

Source: vidaysalud.com; lanacion.com